Saturday, March 03, 2007

intermix sale

Look at what New York boutique has graced us with their end of season sale. Although I got there on the first day, the deals were just not that great. The hat that I bought from them online was the same price; no further discounts. There was a lot of stock, but another downside was that it felt a little like a cattle ranch. Take a look to see if you agree. I was very disappointed.

The blond saleswoman looked great decked out in the season's red plaid:

There will be more Italy posts to follow, but right now I am reveling in being back in New York.


Blogger Bobble Bee said...

when and where?? it looks like The Altman Building, is it there?? when it will end?? hope its not too late!

2:17 PM  
Blogger odilean said...

i think you just missed it! i went on the 28th, but i waited to post this until the weekend. it really wasn't that great though. the barney's wareshouse sale is much better, and now everything is an additional 25% off. in case you haven't made your way over there yet, it ends on march 4th.

intermix was: 2/28–3/2 (9–8)
The Altman Building, 135 W. 18th St., nr. Sixth Ave.

3:02 PM  
Blogger Bobble Bee said...

i went to barney's actually and bought a pair of jeans. The Prada shoes were awesome too but for some reason i didnt buy them.. i kind of regret now.. :(

2:23 PM  

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