Monday, February 19, 2007

while i'm far away

Hello wireless internet! I just arrived in Rome, the last leg of this trip. Although I have not been nearly as productive with my picture-taking as I promised I would be, I have some things to post as soon as I am reunited with my camera wire in Brooklyn. However, if I was in possession of said wire, here are some things I would write about at length:
1. The Prada/Miu Miu/Jil Sander outlet and factory in Montevarchi. How to get there, what to expect once you get there. And my beautiful new stuff is certainly post-worthy.
2. The outdoor mall in Milan, called the Galeria. Paris has one of these too. I have some photos of the shop windows. Speaking of which, Prada is a little fringe-purse crazy now, no?
3. The food! I have never eaten so many refined carbs in my life. Pastries for breakfast. Gelato, more pastries, chocolate. Fresh fruits and Italian yogurt (yum!). I have escaped without having any pasta (I know, I know), but have had several fresh pizzas with marinated calamari, anchovies, capers and buffalo mozzarella. And I had lamb's brains and roast pigeon with candied fruits and mustard seed while in Florence. It was truly like a Medieval banquet.


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Have a wonderful time... look forward to seeing the pictures when you get back!

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