Tuesday, February 06, 2007

you look good when you wear it well

Phillip Lim post, continued. No more sulking about Narciso Rodriguez, it just wasn't meant to be. Here are two videos that I took. One is of the prosession of models and one is of Phillip Lim taking a bow at the end of the show.

I want to do one of those comprehensive posts on what has been going on in all of the shows. But there are editors who get paid loads in clothing and perks to do that work! Its kind of boring to me, actually. Who is to tell what each designer has on his or her mind when they make an entire collection? How much it has to do with the mood of the country, or the world, is questionable. It takes energy to remind oneself that these creative choices represent the aesthetic of a very small, unusually blessed part of the country.
But has anyone else noticed all of the wonderful hats?! I was so excited to see the hats at the Marc Jacobs' show. Quite a change from last year's grunge. Those sheets (poor excuses for dresses) are completely losing out to this fall/winter's uptown chic frocks and coats. It's very first-lady-chic. And the structured hats in Phillip Lim--well, quite a stone's throw away from this winter's slouchy bohemian messes. It almost makes me regret just buying my new hat. Almost... I believe mine to be a tad warmer since it doesn't leave the ears exposed. And in this chilly weather, form loses out to function.

Here is the invitation to the show that I picked up from one of the seats:

Here is what was in the goody bag:

Some thread in every imaginable color, courtesy of cotton inc. A great thing for me because I am always going insane trying to mend my things with mismatching thread.

And some "NARS products used to create the look for the 3.1 Pillip Lim F/W 2007 collection. Along with some longtime NARS favorites, this selection includes an exclusive sneak preaview of NARS' Fall and Holiday 2007 color collections." I can't stop using the stuff. The box included 2 lipsticks, 2 eyeshadows, a bronzer, a cheek color stick, some makeup primer.


Blogger Vera said...

that son "you look good when you wear it well", who is singing that?

nice blogg =)

12:23 PM  
Blogger odilean said...

i believe it is "felix da housecat"

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