Tuesday, January 16, 2007

miu miu's la lohan

In case you have not had yet seen the rest of the Miu Miu ads featuring Lindsay Lohan:

I do not have much else to add to the ongoing web conversation. The second all-white outfit reminds me of Courreges from the 1970's...maybe something that Bridgette Bardot or Jacqueline Kennedy would wear. Some prime examples can be founed at leparadisreconquis and the Texas Fashion Collection

And if anyone had any doubts, here is a close up to prove that it is, in fact, La Lohan.

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Blogger Teresa said...

I had my doubts it was Lohan as well. I guess they made her unrecognizeable on purpose so they could actually sell the clothes, which look gorgeous anyway, on lohan or not. And that's a very rich and nice raspberry lippy on her as well.

6:14 PM  

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