Monday, January 15, 2007

phillip lim envy

Susie, when I saw the 3.1 dress that you bought, I caught a serious case of the green-eyed monster. What a great deal, and such a lovely color and cut. I do not think that I would have occasion to wear such stunning dress. Well, I went shopping in SOHO this Monday, which was an off-day because of Martin Luther King. I went from store to store with no luck until I chanced on Atrium. I finally acquired my first Phillip Lim piece, a cashmere/wool blend oversized grandpa cardigan. It has black beads down each side of the huge buttons.

And, sucker for details that I am, the little purple buttons on the inside of the sweater made the purchase necessary. It was originally $285 and I bought it for $99, which is not as good of a deal as Susie got, but I will settle. Although on shopbluejeans the sweater is said to have retailed for $524. Can that be real? The other amazing deal was a Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti dress, orginally $745 for $99. It is a size too large, but that can be altered.
In other news, I finally joined IQONS*. Lets be friends?


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