Friday, January 12, 2007

opening ceremony

Glad to report that the Opening Ceremony sample sale was a success! I came back with a pair of high waisted, wide-leg green-ish pants with an adorable leather button (I'm a sucker for details), a beautiful belted cropped jacket in an unbelievable tweed fabric (white, black, blue with some yellow, all irregularly patterned), a great Alexandre Herchcovitch t-shirt picturing a bird on a branch and some freebies. My soviet eyes quickly honed in on a box marked "free" and I promptly gathered everything and distributed it amongst my friends. I came out with a pair of jeans, a powder blue t-shirt and a tote bag. Like I said, success! It was so damn crowded that there was hardly any room to breath. I plan on coming back tomorrow to look through some of the left-overs. I didn't spot any Hussein Chalayan, but I saw plenty of Alexandre Herchcovitch. I have never paid much attention to this designer. Well, there is nothing that gets my attention like...

a latex skirt. Is that even latex? It was definitely some kind of plastic. It reminds me of those laser-cut paper curtains. I can't seem to find a good picture online, but use your imaginations. I saw it at the sale and it was AMAZING. Just amazing.

Reading up on Mr. Herchcovitch, I found out that he went to an orthodox jewish school of his own will and completed his fashion studies in a catholic institution. That seems to explain his interest in blending influences, emotions, shapes and colors. Its always nice to see a designer who marches to the beat of his own drum. Or should I say banjo. Twang Twang. Its Friday and I am in serious need of the weekend. Ta-ta!


Blogger Ernest said...

You have a nice blog. Too bad you don't believe in crediting photos that you cut and past from other sources. Our site, has actually been forced to file formal complaints against certain sites that were using our photos without permission.

6:03 AM  
Blogger odilean said...

that's a great point. now i need to figure out how to credit photos. i can see that some other blogs put the credits in small letters right under the photo. i am new to blogging, so this site is a work in progress. as for your site, i have never heard of it and i do not think that any of my photos come from there, but i may be mistaken.

6:46 AM  

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