Thursday, May 10, 2007

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Now that the Green movement has really gained some momentum, there are some lovely clothing choices available for even the most hardcore fashionista. What does this mean? Basically that being an environmentalist doesn't mean that you have to parade around in an unshapely hemp sack. Everyone should care about leaving a lighter footprint on the earth. We know that "the simple act of growing and harvesting the one pound of cotton fiber needed to make a T-shirt takes an enormous toll on the earth’s air, water, and soil, and has significant impacts on the health of people in cotton growing areas.".
Well, I am happy to report that the pricey and chic brand Loomstate is being sold at the Filene's Basement in Chelsea at a phenomenal markdown. Jeans made from 100% organic cotton that were $150 are now $35. They have beautiful purple polka-dotted linings and really interesting recycled buttons. My favorite detail? They come with a tag made from recycled paper that has seeds in it. Just put the tag in some dirt and they seeds sprout. Definitely check out Filene's if you are anywhere in New York.


Blogger Christina said...

Ogh, I hate living in Indiana.
I've been looking for good, organic, not too expensive online stores forever.

I know American Apparal has some t-shirts.

You don't by any chance know any good online stores?

1:48 PM  

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