Monday, May 07, 2007

rags and riches

There are so many beautiful things in Kathmandu juxtaposed with so many destitute people. There are beautiful people, too, of course. My job as an aesthete is to highlight everything that makes me eyes widen in delight. And so, here you have it, a shopping tour of Kathmandu:

1. beads!

2. funky silver jewelry!

3. pashminas!

4. glittery stones!

5. the most vibrant colors and lively patterns your eyes have ever spied!

6. lovely Hindu and Buddhist sculptures!


Blogger Bobble Bee said...

I love beads so much! I remember when i was in New orleans i went nuts! They dont have the same kind of beads of course, but still :)
im glad to see how great time your having

3:49 AM  
Blogger Teresa said...

Beautiful! Makes me want to trek to Katmandu.

8:10 PM  

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