Wednesday, February 27, 2008

child like wonder

This image, taken by, Scott Schulman, represents all of the wide-eyed wonder I feel whenever I see something that makes my heart flutter. Working in a costume shop for the theater and dance department in college, I would stay up almost all night working on the perfect seam and looking at antique buttons. I have always felt this energy when surrounded by fashion, ever since I was a little girl. Who needs a toy store when there is a pretty dress close by?


Blogger heather said...

I super love that pic

9:01 AM  
Anonymous blind flaneur said...

I’d like to thank you again for expressing an interest in the writing beyond my blog. It’s led me back to poems I haven’t thought about in years. To my surprise, I’m finding the kind of wonder you write about here. I thought about sending you some in the mail, my old-fashioned way of publishing poetry, but it’s a brave new world and I’m experimenting now with poems on the blog. You’ll find a link to them below that red dress on the sidebar. Hang on to your sense of wonder!

4:52 PM  

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