Sunday, February 17, 2008

fashionable installation art

I just became aware of the amazingly talented team at Uchu Country through We Make Money Not Art, and now I realize that I was in Paris last year at just the same time that they had an installation at Colette.

Uchu Country is under the direction of Nagi Noda, who is a cult figure in the Kawaii movement (literally translated as cute). The talented team also includes art director Yuni Yoshida and desginer Emi Yamane. They do a lot of creative design (think ad campaigns, windows and even shopping bags) for Laforet, Tokyo's hip incarnation of Colette. Their creative concept, although delving into the visual language used in Kawaii, is very dark. I love that about them.


Blogger A dreamer said...

the mix between cute/ scarey and dark is brilliant.

5:47 PM  

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