Thursday, February 14, 2008

v-day = b-day

photo by Melissa Hom

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all. In New York, Valentine's Day is overshadowed by a very important event--the Barney's Warehouse Sale, of course. Alas, I am too busy studying for finals, which never seem to end. Other lucky and less busy souls had the opportunity to report from the trenches. Here is all the latest Barneys Warehouse Sale news from today, as reported by Kendall Herbst:
There's a big sign advertising an additional 25 percent off Kate Moss for Topshop togs: cropped leather bomber jackets, black cotton sailor pants ("that feel like polyester"), asymmetrical ruffled dresses … but even then, nobody's interested. "It's a ghost town over there," reports our operative.

News you can use: Metallic Jil Sander dresses are marked down from $2,400 to $600; McQueen tees are $100; Miu Miu tops abound as well. There's a lot of marked-down Lanvin merchandise, dresses and coats — it's still going to cost you around $800 to a cool grand, but if you want a genuine deal, it's there. Designer bags: just a lot of Barneys label stuff. Real deals are in the shoes, where you can get Louboutins for $200 (our spy saw some espadrilles that caught her eye that were a mere $150). Other standouts include Miu Miu studded flats, Pierre Hardy wedges, a lot of boots, and your beloved Manolos. Steer clear, however, of the Marc by Marc shoes: They're selling a lot of 'em, sometimes for as much as $250 a pop, which strikes us as a bit ridiculous. Beware!

photos by Melissa Hom


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