Thursday, January 31, 2008

rimmel, finally

So I have been waiting to put in my two cents on the new (not so new anymore!) Rimmel Underground Light Beam After Dark lip gloss. Phew...try saying that 10 times really fast. I wanted to wait and see how long the battery would last until I wrote to you. Well, I have had two tubes for about 6 months now. One is still going strong, the other, after I left it in my car in below freezing temperature, has fallen by the wayside along with my Ipod. I have been getting so many excited girls coming up to me and asking about my lip gloss when I whip it out and shine the flash that I thought it was finally time to squeal about it to all of you. Yes, it is very exciting indeed. It does not really add color, so I don't know what the hoopla about the different colored tubes is. But they all smell subtly of flower petals or chocolate confections--great for something you put on your lips.

My hair is growing out. I wanted bangs, did I tell you that yet? I guess I've succeeded. I am wearing a Marc Jacobs shirt from the sale, the wonderful silk wool blend in the most amazing fabric I have seen in a long time only cost $96 at 90% off. Anyway, judge for yourselves how much color the lip gloss adds. No color, really. But I like how the sheen isn't overpowering. I don't have very many make up products (most of my purchases come in the form of cleansers and lotions) and what I like, I stick to. I will always keep a tube of Rimmel in my bag, if only for the WOW factor.


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