Friday, January 25, 2008


If I could teleport myself anywhere it would be to the University of Pennsylvania's House of Design's opening reception. The collection of work from senior graduate students promises to be spectacular. It contains a dizzying array of experimental work that breaches disciplines and dives into issues of time and space.

I am awed by the connections between architecture and fashion, now and always. How similar the processes of creating a garment and a building are only begins to hint at their connections. Much philosophical gumption has been bestowed on thinking about how people transform space and how architecture is effected and affects. The same can be said for clothes--they both metamorphose and are privy to being molded by the wearer. Couture is especially a wonderful example of the connections between fashion and architecture. Even superficially, the fine and intricate details recall the gentle fold of paper, a beautiful play on light and shadow or natural algorithmically determined shapes.


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