Friday, January 18, 2008

oops MJ did it again

The Marc Jacobs store on Mercer Street had a 90% off sale again. I was a big fan of the Fall 2007 collection and it got such great reviews that I was sure most of it would sell. I guess that was not the case as I called the store last Sunday asking about sales and they told me that it was the last day of 90% off. Only 4 pairs of shoes were left on the floor (selling for $50 a pair, not bad for something that's being sold on net-a-porter discounted at over $400). Although the beautiful coats from the collection were left in larger sizes, there were many dresses, pants, shorts and shirts available in every size. There were also plenty of sterling silver and semiprecious stone brooches and cuff links left. My camera has been acting up, so sorry for the fuzzy picture. I did manage to find some images of the things that I purchased on The dress, the grey polyester trench and some pearl duck cuff links. The dress was a little over $200 (original over $2,000--you can do the math), the trench was $100 and the cuff links were $16. This is why I just can't get over Marc Jacobs. His PR policy is so strange. His ads are not made to sell anything, he did terribly when he opened grunge for Perry Ellis and he sells things for less than it costs to make them. Is he the Buddha of fashion?


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