Sunday, February 17, 2008

one day there was a postcard

It was from Cambodia. You said it was a picture of Ta Prohm Temple of "Tomb Raider" fame. I barely made out the girl sitting at the roots of the tree amongst the sandstone rubble. She seems happy conspiratorially giggling with a friendly temple spirit. I like getting postcards. I also like looking through my photo archives. And I like old things that smell like mothballs or discontinued perfume. I like this polyester wrap dress that I found at the Spence-Chapin thrift shop; I like this photo you took of me:

I like my grandma's wool Russian scarf. I especially like to tie it around my waist and pretend that I am a flamenco dancer:

I like this Yves St. Laurent dress I bought at the Cancer Care thrift shop. I like the gold buttons and shoulder pads; I like how it makes me feel twenty years older:


Blogger blind flaneur said...

I like the way you play with "I like" like a Kenneth Koch poem. I like the way you evoke memory with textures.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous fashionfreax said...


nice outfits - we just launched a fashion portal in europe. i would love to see some of your outfits over there ;)

check it out:

9:01 AM  

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