Thursday, December 28, 2006

holy bond girl

I just saw Casino Royale. Twice. I rarely watch big budget hollywood movies, but I was dragged to this one and I haven't regretted it. Some of my lovely fellow bloggers have been posting up wishlists for christmas. I am a little late in the game, but in Russia we usually exchange gifts on new years eve anyway. Following suit, my dream present would be the Algerian love knot necklace worn by Eva Green, designed by Sophie Harley. A girl can always dream, right?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the gift of song

An early christmas gift to you, courtesy of the musical stylings of Ms. Hawk and Ms. Jovovich. Click here to view. Just adorable!

Update: keeps on changing the link, so if the above link no longer works, search the designer profiles within the video library. Sorry!

there's a war on the streets

I love, love, love Bijules' combat jewelry. Militarization in fashion as expressed by Anna Wintour on La Femme's blog has actually been going on for quite some time. Jewelry inspired by the inner-city streets featuring graffiti, weapons and drug parapanelia is nothing new. The war has pushed militarization into the mainstream.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

11 spring street

Here's a bit of ethereal art for you, full of whimsy and color. A refuge from the sea of black I have been seeing in Downtown NYC and beyond.

11 Spring Street, the Nolita building that is home to some of the best street art, is changing hands and will be turned into a one family home (lucky bastards). Last weekend, it was open to the public for the first and last time. It was dripping in images. The above snippets do not do it justice. If you are interested in a taste of the experience, just check out the photos on flickr. I was excited to see all of the bird images--animal prints have been really strong lately, and I believe that that trend will continue for quite some time. Some of the art reminded me of Dries Van Noten's spring 2006 collection. It was mostly the colors, but also the same kind of fantastical whimsy, not to mention the brilliant shoes that they featured with birds embroidered in silk.

Not the clearest shot, but worth drooling over anyway:

Saturday, December 16, 2006

what the...

Collapsing princess leia hair, kabuki make-up, plaid shirt, skinny jeans and witch shoes. I will say no more.

Monday, December 11, 2006


I have been seeing sequins everywhere, most recently at club monaco and zara, not the mention the sold out french connection serpent dress. I know, I know, this is where trends come to die. But they are living on. Most of what you can get at these chain stores is a rip off of the maxmara dress that everyone was wearing.

Behold the updated sequined frock from the spring 2007 collections. Designers are playing more with the lengths and styles, upgrading the short mod shifts into gowns in some cases. You know, I haven't seen so many sequins outside of the Badgley Mischka runway, ever. And Badgely Mischka is no longer using sequins, at least not for the spring collection. Welcome to the twilight zone.

Sequins are too much upkeep. They snag, they fall off. I don't think that I would jump to invest in one of these dresses. Practicality over fashion, how boring. What do you think?

Friday, December 08, 2006

more sales

Proenza Schouler is unloading fall leftovers and clothes from previous seasons; dresses are now $200 to $500.
When: 12/12–12/14 (9–6)
Where: 120 Walker St., nr. Baxter St., sixth fl.

I've been to one other sale that they have held, and its well worth the trip because it is housed right in their studio! Kind of exciting, plus you get to gaze at their assistants/muses as they loll around.

and this, as a favor to a friend who currently works with the designer:

you can never have enough hats, right?
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